How do I know that a contractor referral business will work in my area?

That’s one of the first questions people ask me when they’re considering the launch of an HRN®. The truth is that there is a universal need for the services provided by an HRN, but, if you want some reassurance, here are a few indicators that an HRN will do well in your community:

1. Dual Income Families. After working a 40+ hour work week, driving kids to afterschool activities, etc. most busy homeowners don’t have the time to call around looking for a reliable painter, plumber, general contractor, etc.

2. Aging Homes. Homes need to be maintained and updated. If you live in an area with homes or developments that were built in the late 1990’s, chances are they are in need of repair or upgrades.

3. Vacation Properties. Absentee owners of vacation properties need someone they can trust to find the most reputable contractors to care for their properties in the off season.

4. Growing Senior Community. Seniors, more than any other market segment, need to be sure that they can trust the contractors they hire and HRN owners are positioned with a unique business model to serve this growing need.

5. Commercial Real Estate. HRN owners refer commercial contractors as well. Whether it’s paving a parking lot, replacing a roof or cleaning services, building owners are also looking for the best contractor at the best price.

If your area has at least one of the five demographics listed above, chances are a contractor referral business will do very well in your market!