FAQs About Launching an HRN Home Business

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about launching an HRN® Business.

What is a Homeowner Referral Network (HRN) ?
An HRN is a local referral service for homeowners looking for pre-screened home improvement contractors.
How does the HRN earn income?
Contractors pay a commission for work secured and the service is free to homeowners.
Can an HRN be operated on a part-time basis?
Yes. HRN’s can be operated from home part-time or full time and 90% of your work can be done by phone or computer.
Is the HRN business a franchise or an MLM?
No. There are no ongoing fees and and you’re not restricted to a specific territory.
How long has HRN been operating?
We started in NY in 1997, and are now more than 300 HRN’s operating across the US and a few internationally.
How do I know that an HRN will work in my area?
HRN’s are needed everywhere! And they do exceptionally well in areas with dual income families, absentee owners of real estate, a growing senior community, commercial real estate and/or vacation properties.
Will an HRN thrive in today’s economy?

Yes, the HRN business is recession proof!

In a thriving economy, homeowners have the financial resources to remodel. In a slower economy many people opt to remodel rather than move. And, in any economy, homes will always require repairs, upgrades and standard maintenance.

Contractors today are so busy why would they want to work with an HRN?
  • HRN referrals keep their client base growing.
  • HRN’s help maintain a steady flow of work, especially during slow seasons.
  • HRN’s helps contractors break into new neighborhoods.
  • There are no upfront fees.
  • Commissions paid to an HRN are considered to be a sales and marketing expense and are therefore, tax-deductible.
  • Being referred by an HRN signifies a high level of customer service and professionalism and helps contractors differentiate themselves from less reputable businesses
How much money can I make operating an HRN?
Most HRN owners turn a profit in the first 3-6 months of operation and owners have reported referral commissions of more than $10,000 per month in their second and third years of operation.
How long does it take to get up and running?
On average, it takes approximately 8-12 weeks to get an HRN up and running.
Do I need home improvement experience to operate an HRN?
No. Contractors in the network are the home improvement experts. The HRN owner is responsible for sales and marketing and never gets involved with technical aspects of a job.
Do I need to write a business plan before I start my business?

Not if you purchase the package with the HRN Manual. The HRN Manual is a business plan.

How can I learn how to start an HRN in my area?
If you’re interested in launching an HRN in your area, a turnkey operating system is documented in the HRN Business Manual, The Complete Guide To Owning And Operating A Successful Homeowner Referral Network©. The Manual is sold individually or as part of HRN Business Packages that include customized management software, a website, one-on-one consultation time, forms, marketing materials and more!
What is Aging-In-Place Referrals?
Aging-In-Place Referrals is the newest addition to the HRN business model. The HRN Manual now includes a detailed marketing campaign, ads, senior homeowner assessments and aging-in-place contractor licensing designation information (and more!) so that  HRN owners can market their businesses specifically to Baby Boomers and their parents who will need home modifications and/or repairs in the upcoming years.
What is “The Complete Guide to Owning And Operating A Successful Homeowner Referral Network ©”

The Complete Guide To Owning And Operating A Successful Homeowner Referral Network © is a complete manual / business plan which outlines step-by-step procedures on how to start a network in your area including how to locate, screen and represent a comprehensive network of home improvement contractors, how to effectively reach your target audience, how to reach and service your clients and how to organize your business as efficiently as possible. In addition, the manual outlines valuable information on legal, insurance and financial issues pertinent to the HRN.

Where can I get more information about the HRN Business?
To receive a copy of the HRN Business Opportunity Info Kit via e-mail, please complete our online form.
“Debra’s detailed materials & mentoring have helped me build a thriving referral business to provide additional financial security for my family while keeping me home with my children.”

“Things are going very well here and I just love this business. It is very rewarding; I have been blessed with some very good contractors and also grateful and easy-to-work-with homeowners. One man just e-mailed me after the contractor left his house and thanked me for making his life easier. It doesn’t get any better than that!”