What is Aging In Place?

What is Aging In Place?

Aging in Place means living in one’s home independently regardless of age or ability.

And, did you know that:

  • 89% of people 50+ want to remain in their own homes and live independently (AARP)
  • The aging population is the second biggest issue facing the remodeling industry over the next five years, only behind the availability of skilled laborers (NAHB)

With all of the news reports about seniors being scammed by unscrupulous contractors, these homeowners, in particular, need a trusted resource for finding pre-screened contractors to maintain and/or modify their homes.

The internet may have replaced the Yellow Pages when it comes to finding a contractor, but it can never replace the recommendation from a trusted, local, personal resource like a Homeowner Referral Network (HRN).


Want to find out more about Aging In Place Referrals?  Visit www.aginginplacereferrals.com.

What is Aging In Place?

Serving the Needs of Senior Homeowners

Hiring a responsible and qualified contractor is  a big concern for all homeowners, but especially for seniors. We’ve all read stories about unscrupulous contractors and senior homeowner scams. That’s why  a pre-screened referral from a Homeowner Referral Network (HRN) is a great solution for seniors who need to find contractors to help them age in place.

Home modifications for seniors can range from something as simple as adding a grab bar near a toilet or in a shower or building entry ramps to widening hallways or creating a downstairs master bedroom for seniors who can no longer use the stairs.

Whatever the job, large or small, senior homeowners and their caregivers need to be sure that they are hiring a reputable contractor with the necessary licensing and insurance credentials.

And, for homeowners who are too busy to do the proper research, an HRN is a great resource!



What is Aging In Place?

Baby Boomers and Their Homes

Did you know that 39% of Baby Boomers are planning major home improvements in the next three years?

According to a recent study by The Demand Institute,  not all Boomers are looking to downsize to a condo in Florida and spend their days golfing. Most plan to age in place.

The Demand Institute surveyed more than 4,000 Baby Boomer households (50- to 69-year-olds) which revealed that many senior homeowners are planning major home improvements in the next three years and a signicant number will make style and value a priority over aging-friendly features.


Check out the complete study by the Demand Institute – Baby Boomers and Their Homes:


Capture the Seniors Market with These Niche Business Ideas

Capture the Seniors Market with These Niche Business Ideas

Check out this great article in Business News Daily about the growing demand for businesses that cater to the growing senior market:

As baby boomers approach retirement, the growing market of seniors and retirees offers great opportunities for savvy businesspeople. As of 2012, 13.7 percent of the population was over the age of 65, and by 2030 this figure will grow to 19 percent, according to U.S. census figures.

Want to seize the opportunity these consumers represent? Here are some new, niche business ideas for entrepreneurs hoping to capitalize on this growing market.

Help seniors ‘age in place’senior-couples

For the elderly who prefer to stay in their own homes instead of moving to an assisted living facility or retirement residence, maintenance and housekeeping may become more difficult as they age. These challenges represent many opportunities for service businesses that help the elderly around the house, including those who do specialized renovation and contracting work.

“Most homeowners can relate to the difficulty in finding reliable contractors to work in their home, but for senior homeowners in particular, this can be a tremendous challenge,” said Debra Cohen, owner of homeowner referral agency, Aging in Place Referrals.

Cohen said that unscrupulous contractors may prey on seniors, and many of this population’s homes need safety modifications.

“After my own experience trying to take care of my elderly parents in their home several states away, I personally realized the value a contractor referral business offers to senior homeowners who want to age in place,” she said.

This led Cohen to launch her business, which serves the needs of senior homeowners by pre-screening contractors to ensure they have the appropriate licenses and insurance.

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