After years of saving and planning, you’re finally ready to renovate or build the master bath, kitchen or house of your dreams! But, all of the excitement (not to mention the money you saved) will go right out the (newly installed!) windows if you don’t research and vet the contractor you hire for the job carefully.

Screening a home improvement contractor is a lengthy process but below are a few tell tale signs that a contractor you’re interviewing may not be the right guy for the job:

1. You can’t verify the name, address, telephone number or credentials of the remodeler.

2. They’re pressuring you to sign a contract.

3. They knock on your door unsolicited and say that they are doing work in the neighborhood.

4. No references are furnished.

5. You’re unable to verify their license or insurance information or it’s expired.

6. They ask you to pay for the entire job in advance.

7. Your questions are not answered to your satisfaction or you’re given vague answers.