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A new year has begun and it's time to take a look at our list of resoultions for 2010. For many, making a career change or launching a business from home is at the top of the list but taking the first step can be a bit overwhelming.

Last month, my Homeowner Referral Network (HRN) business was featured in of Success For Women. Below is an excerpt from the article featuring a few of my best "tips for success". Regardless of the business you chose, I hope that they will help inspire you to make your entrepreneurial dream a reality this year.

Happy New Year!


Capitalize on what you love.
“What’s most important is to choose something you love and that capitalizes on your strengths,” Cohen says. For this networking natural and HGTV addict, a business that connects homeowners with people who can help with their remodeling projects was the perfect fit. Make a list of your talents and pair them with your passion to create a career that suits your life.

Build a team of experts. “I know nothing about construction,” Cohen says. To compensate for her lack of knowledge, Cohen developed an informal board of directors comprised of individuals who had the skill and information she lacked. In her business’s case, that team included contractors, an insurance agent, painter and several others. “Networking is key because you can’t possibly be an expert in everything,” she says. “If you’re not good at something, hire someone to do it for you!”

Multiply your efforts. When the demand for Cohen’s services extended beyond what she was capable (or willing) to handle, she found a way to expand her business and her profits without leaving home. By creating a “business in a box,” she shares her expertise with other would-be entrepreneurs and is repeatedly compensated for her knowledge.

Be patient. Even if you’re passionate about your chosen path, success comes with patience and persistence. “Building a business takes time and effort. It’s not ‘overnight success’ for anyone.”

To read the complete article, click here Building a Strong Future.


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Here What Contractors Are Saying . . .

"(This family) is a good, classic example of why you exist. They wanted to make sure they had the best guy in there. They wanted to make sure that it was a good business person."


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